city connect



City Connect is your space to let people know what you’re proposing or that you’re looking for something specific by placing your own Classified ad on our website. This is the space where you connect with our international network and increase your contact opportunities to make your own network.

A classified ad can help if you’d prefer to stay somewhere other than a classic hotel during your trip, or look for someone to swap homes with or to look after your pet while you are away…

Perhaps you want to take lessons to pick up the basics of a language to get ready for your trip, or practice what you know already through conversation?

Or it could be your dream to go and experience a city while working there, either doing an internship or job for the summer. Or as an au-pair? Or taking it a step further and finding that permanent dream job?

An ad will help get you one step closer. So send us your ad!

After validation, Cmycities will post your ad within 24 hours of receiving your payment, and it will remain posted for 3 months. Once your ad has been published on the website, it’s over to you. You are solely responsible for all communication and exchange regarding your ad, so you control how things happen.