Are you responsible for organizing your colleagues’ international moves?

Then you know how important it is to handle these moves in the best possible way, especially when it involves the whole family.

Cmycities offers a service designed to reassure the family and humanise this sometimes complicated transition process. To enable everyone to participate and invest in the project, to express doubts and to feel reassured, our Destination Experts listen and provide support well ahead of the departure date, and continue to accompany the family during the first few weeks of settling in.

We put your colleagues and their families in touch with our Destination Experts who live permanently at the destination and are very well-connected in the local area networks. They are often expatriates themselves and understand from their own experience the questions and situations that might arise. Being independent, they are not part of your company and can therefore act as a sounding board and can listen to and analyse the questions and issues of your colleagues.


We offer two service options, which can be complementary

Before making the decision to move

An evaluation service: discussions with one or several family members to study the questions they are asking themselves, their doubts and worries… and find answers to these questions.

Once the decision is made

A support service: Our Destination Expert accompanies the family with frequent discussions well before the departure date, and continues to give advice and support to the family during the first few weeks of settling in.